Names of 20 Computer Language for coding nowadays

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Here are the names of 20 popular computer programming languages used nowadays:

  1. Python – A high-level, interpreted language used for a variety of purposes, including web development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.
  2. Java – A class-based, object-oriented language that is widely used for developing desktop and mobile applications, web applications, and enterprise software.
  3. JavaScript – A scripting language used for front-end web development, including dynamic and interactive websites.
  4. C++ – A general-purpose language used for developing operating systems, system software, and applications that require high performance.
  5. Ruby – A dynamic, object-oriented language used primarily for web development and scripting tasks.
  6. PHP – A server-side scripting language used for web development, particularly for building dynamic websites and e-commerce applications.
  7. Swift – A language developed by Apple for developing iOS and macOS applications.
  8. Kotlin – A modern, statically-typed language developed by JetBrains for developing Android and web applications.
  9. C# – A modern, object-oriented language developed by Microsoft for developing Windows desktop and web applications.
  10. Go – A language developed by Google for developing scalable, high-performance applications.
  11. Rust – A modern, system-level language designed for performance and safety.
  12. TypeScript – A language that extends JavaScript with static typing, making it easier to develop and maintain large-scale JavaScript applications.
  13. SQL – A language used for managing and querying relational databases.
  14. Perl – A versatile, scripting language used for web development, system administration, and text processing.
  15. Lua – A lightweight, embeddable language used for scripting and game development.
  16. MATLAB – A language used for numerical computing and data analysis.
  17. R – A language used for statistical computing and data analysis.
  18. Scala – A language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is used for developing scalable, high-performance applications.
  19. Visual Basic – A language developed by Microsoft for developing Windows desktop applications.
  20. Assembly language – A low-level language used for programming embedded systems and operating systems.

These are just some of the many programming languages used nowadays, and each has its own unique features and capabilities, making them better suited for certain types of projects and tasks.

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